What I Didn’t See…

There was something I forgot to mention at the foot of my last post…

I mentioned that traffic was having to be diverted around Bristol to account for the ‘safety checks on rocks’ being performed around the Avon Gorge. This meant I had to take a detour home and, I decided to head in a direction passing through Clifton, but slightly different to the way I came in through Bristol.

Anyway, I ended up driving past the Zoo and, as I did I could’ve sworn I recognised an unhappy couple…

I remember feeling this intense pain and a moment of genuine shock the minute I saw them. Her hair was the same and the guy looked quite similar as well. But then, I realised that her face was wrong – it was someone else after all! 😀 I didn’t look closely at the guy so, I can’t assume it was him anyway (he looks like a lot of people in their mid-to-late 30s, if you ask me). That physical pain was something though. It was much stronger than what I felt yesterday afternoon. I’ve never had a panic attack (that I’m aware of) and I fear it could’ve been the beginning of one…

I’m glad I recognised that it definitely wasn’t her or else, I’d be afraid I was going nuts!! 🙂

Back in the Woods

On a lighter note, I did eventually make it out of the house today and back up to Leigh Woods, where I was only a few weeks ago. It took me a while to get going but I started with a shower, which did help. I still haven’t yet changed my bed sheets and I still want to trim my hair a bit but, I will do that soon. I couldn’t leave as soon as I wanted to because my mum’s friend had arrived to trim the hedge at the front of the house. There was room for me to escape but, as friendly as he is, I just couldn’t face having to interact with him or anyone else. So, I hid away and waited until he’d finished clearing up and drove off.

Last time I was at these woods, my camera’s battery died after two-hours of wandering. This time, I was prepared! Not only was it (almost) fully charged but, I’d also bought a spare! The 16GB SD card I bought at the same time seems to be lasting well – I’ve used it on three days now and yet, I still have around 1,600 photos left to take!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

One journey I was hoping to make last time was up to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and, as you’ll see from the photos, I made it this time.

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Poem: ‘Amazing Blaise’

‘Amazing Blaise’

It had been so long
Eighteen-years and counting
But the journey to reach you
Felt like climbing a mountain

I was afraid.
So long, I had waited
But, setting off from the car park
My breath was already baited!

It seemed unfamiliar, until the museum
Inside, it all came back to me
The history, paintings, Mr.Hughes and the caning!
One look outside, the estate was waiting!

I found my own trail and began to explore
My camera was ready and I kept finding more!

But the castle was hidden, along with both caves
I used my own compass but, wasn’t sure of the way

Then, when I found you, my dream was achieved
That sense of achievement and all I’d believed

Now, I set off with new sites to explore
But, at Blaise Castle, there will always be MORE!

One day, I’ll return, just to see you inside
I hope to bring with me a friend and our pride