The Brilliant Blog Award

It was only two-weeks ago that I got around to writing my acceptance post for my previous blog award and, since then, I’ve been nominated for my third award, thanks to the Gee we all know and love as Wee! 😀 (…Not that kind of wee!!)

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More Gratitude to Share!

This is turning out to be a good day for sharing gratitude…

Have look down the right hand column of the screen and, just above my Twitter updates, you should see that I now have 100 followers of this blog (hopefully more, by the time you read this! ;-)).

That feels like quite a milestone for a blog that was only started in August.

That currently works out as 76 blog followers (WordPress and e-mail) with an extra 24 staying connected through Twitter. I didn’t realise the number of WordPress followers was quite that large already!

Not for the first time today, I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone reading this. 🙂

If only it hadn’t just started raining, I’d be going out for a walk, as I’m still struggling to find those 130 words I need to finish the first chapter… 😉


A Record-Breaking Day!

Yesterday was quite a record-breaker, in terms of the number of hits to reach this site within a twenty for hour period. It peaked at a total of 127 hits before midnight last night – almost three-times the record previously set a month ago!

It probably helps that I managed to make five posts in that time and most of my referrals (aside from the odd Google search) did come direct from WordPress (probably the Reader). But, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who visited, read and also commented yesterday. It has helped me to get up and feel better in myself today. 🙂

On an average day, the majority of these views seem to come from Australia. It looks as though the UK topped yesterday’s chart though, with 67 hits over 29. Behind that, we have the USA, Canada and, further down the list, a viewer from Israel!


I did my self-esteem meditation this morning, before I got up, and it is helping, even though there’s nothing but rain falling from the sky outside, meaning that I’ll be stuck in doors for most of this last day off – I do still have some writing to do for my course tomorrow evening… I mentioned on Bourbon’s blog that I have trouble crying – I feel the emotion and it starts but then, it stops again, before I’ve let it all out. I don’t know why but, I’m going to try and make an effort to document some of my daily thoughts in a small diary, when I can. This isn’t something that I ever discussed with my counsellor but I hope it might help. I have great difficulty focusing on my own thoughts and often experience too many at once. Again, I’ve not talked about this either but, I’ve never been certain as to whether my conscience is just that or, whether there is actually ‘a voice’ inside of my head… I’ve suffered my fair share of paranoia over the years but it’s one of those things where I haven’t actively tried to overcome it… Did it really go away or, have I just learnt to accept and suppress it?

Day 13 – A Band or Artist that has Gotten you Through Some Tough Ass Days (Write a Letter)

Well, it probably comes as no surprise to the majority of people reading this which band I’ve chosen to write this letter to… 😉 I might even write a second letter though, as there is another (solo) artist who has helped and inspired me throughout the last nine-years since I first discovered his own music away from the band he is (was) commonly associated with.

Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten me through some tough ass days

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