This is a first for me; blogging from the new-found comfort of my smart phone!

My hand is forced after my laptop decided to unrespond to everything last night; almost as if it’s in its own depressive state and just wants to be left alone.

As convenient as this new phone is, it’s not as easy to write so, you may have to accept an absence until I can fix it or get it fixed. I’m also missing your blogs and know I’m also behind in my reading.


Take care, all. I wish each of you a good weekend but I hope to be back onlinbefore Christmas! 🙂

Getting Smart

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post to state my interest in upgrading to a smartphone. It was giving me quite a headache but, the responses I received did help me to view my true options in a clear perspective. This week, I bit the bullet and spent some money on eBay. £200, in fact! That’s a lot to pay for a used phone but, it was sold as being reconditioned by the seller and the RRP of these phones is somewhere far and beyond £300.

Old and new.

Old and new.

It’s a Samsung Galaxy SII; one of the main competitors to the iPhone 4S, apparently. I was keeping an eye out for those but I wouldn’t have saved any money. Thinking about my experiences with my 4th generation iPod Nano and also, the words of a friend; I remembered how frustrated I’ve been by having to ‘sync’ the Apple device to my laptop. When I switched over from using my mum’s PC a few years ago, I actually lost all of the content on my iPod and had to start again from scratch. Other MP3 players store this kind of media on their hard drives, so that you can copy from the device to a computer. With Apple, it seems to be a case of ‘with us or without it all‘…

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