What is ‘Genuine’?

I’m weak… I said I was going to resist contacting her for now but, I gave in, only to let her know how my day went and to assume that she was doing quite well. She replied to say quite the opposite. She was glad to hear from me and, of my day but, it’s clear that there’s something very, very wrong in their relationship. She is desperately unhappy. I felt like she was trying to reach out to me so, I offered a hand. In fact, I did a bit more than that by asking her if she’d like to talk about it (even after she said she hates talking about personal stuff and regrets making things public on social networking sites)… She told me to leave her alone. I won’t quote it properly because it was all written in upper-case with lots of exclamation marks behind. I am surprise she didn’t unfriend me on the spot but then, I have left her alone and it’s clear that she’s in a very dark and lonely place.

I worry about her but, once again, I’ve realised that I cannot help someone who is not prepared (or afraid) to help themselves.

A little while after that and, still online, I received a message from someone on a dodgy dating site (POF). She said I seemed genuine but, having spoken to her for a couple of hours, I’m beginning to feel that the word (genuine) is only true in the eye of the beholder (like beauty and perfection). At first, she seemed very ‘genuine’, sharing my interest in walking and we had more in common. I asked about her writing and she offered to show me some of her work…

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I’ve noticed that several other bloggers (quite a few, in fact) have Facebook pages relating to their blogs and I’m wondering whether I should consider one for my own blog.

As I understand it, you create the page under your Facebook account but, it does not have to connect with your profile page. The two can remain separate so that your identity is protected.

Okay, so, I kind of ‘know’ this because I’ve done it with another blog… But, someone there once told me that his blog once ‘accidentally’ planted a new post update on to his profile page! Chances are, the average person wouldn’t notice but, as you can imagine; I’d like to keep this private from the majority of my Facebook friends.

I see it as another way of sharing and perhaps interacting with other blog pages on Facebook. Kind of like Twitter; a tool for promoting a blog. Is there anything I’m missing?

What are your thoughts on utilising Facebook and, if you do this already, have you had any awkward experiences?