Stigma or Ingorance?

While sat in the canteen at lunchtime earlier today, I became quite agitated with the conversation that was going on behind me. A few of the over-50s (some, even, qualify for retirement) were discussing the apparent cause of what lead to the closure of the M32 motorway in Bristol, yesterday afternoon. We all heard something about the closure on the radio but, there was no reason given at the time. It wasn’t until later that evening when the real story began to break.

It turns out that there were concerns for the safety of a man on the wrong side of the railings, on top of the bridge. He was prepared and threatening to jump. Only twenty-four hours after World Suicide Prevention Day! Whatever it was, something in his life had pushed him so far, he found himself in a situation where he was prepared to end it all.

How do you think the old gits reacted to this news? What were their perceptions of the event?

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A Short Story

This post is inspired not only by today’s significant cause (World Suicide Prevention Day) but also, buy a recent post from The Depressed Moose. Using a photo I took recently at the Blaise Castle Estate in Bristol (England), I’ve decided to write a short story, as an example of the kind of creativity we are all capable of showing, even in times of darkness and with thoughts of suffering.

I can’t promise that this will or not strongly address any of the issues surrounding depression and suicidal thoughts but, here I go…

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 2012 and, for others in the UK, I am writing this on Sunday night, with the post scheduled to appear on my blog just before 7am. This is the time that my new working week starts and, to be honest, it’s never something I look forward to. But, this cause and creating its awareness is important to me, as I know and care about someone who sufferers with such devastating thoughts from time to time.

My first contribution to this international day of communion, is to be shared through this poem. I hope I haven’t missed the point or gone off tangent with it. I have experienced suicidal thoughts several times in my life and they still creep up every now and again. I’ve never been entirely serious about following any of them through so, this poem isn’t entirely relevant to that. For sufferers of any mental health issue, we often regard our homes as our one ‘safe place‘; our very own sanctuary from a world that can be full of hurt and pain. In my experience though, home life isn’t always a happy, comfortable place when it’s a space shared with others.

This evening, after work, I aim to write and share a very short story with you. For now, please read the poem I wrote last week:

‘Living with Fear’

When I arrive, you’re sometimes there
Sitting, controlling, in your chair
This is when I need my space
But, home life can be very hard to face

I feel as though I can’t relax
As though there’s someone, on my back
This is when I feel suppressed
Thoughts of eating? I can barely get dressed!

Time has passed but little has changed
If only, there was to be a way
Where I could live in peace, alone
Because, right now, this is not my safe zone.

Thank you for reading all of this and for doing your part to support this cause and to increase awareness. If you know someone who suffers from suicidal thoughts and tendencies, take a moment to remind them that they’re not alone; tell them how much you care; how much they mean to you as a friend, relative or loved one, as I will do today.